Agua Norte​

Grand Marais, MN 55604

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About us




Andrew was born and raised in Grand Marais.

He left town after high school to pursue a college degree and his passion for traveling.

He has lived in many parts of the country, including Hawaii, where he met Simone.


Simone  is from Brazil and was attending Business School when she decided to take a travel and work opportunity in Hawaii. 


After Hawaii, Simone left to Brazil to finish her Degree and Andrew went back home to purchase the land that today is Agua Norte.

He had the vision to know that the wild land

he had just purchased would someday become a gorgeous haven. 

But, not without a lot of hardwork. 


The land was bare, wild and untouched.

Several dead birch trees and thick brush covered the ground and the view of the Lake.


Andrew started working right away and used his skills to clear the land and build a driveway.

Andrew building the first structures of The Property: the garden beds. 2010.

Simone visited the property several times in the next four years while pursuing her degree school in Brazil.


She moved to Grand Marais the same month that she received her Bachelor's Degree.

Simone standing on the makings of The Cabin, 2013


They got married the following year and started building The Cabin. 

The Marriage Proposal. 2012

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