we are Simone and Andrew

Hey there


First of all, thank you for being here. Andrew and I have come long ways on this land and we are so proud and excited to share it with you!


Andrew was born and raised in Grand Marais, MN. He knows every nook and cranny of these woods and has an enormous respect and connection with the North Shore. His great-great-grandparents came from Norway and settled here - next time you see him around, ask him about how his great-great grandpa carried a wood stove on his back from town all the way up to their homestead, on the Gunflint Trail. Andrew is the engineering brain and construction muscles on our property. He and his good ol' friend Kent locally logged and sawed all the timbers in the Cabin - also, next time you see him, ask him where those timbers came from and he'll tell you exactly where and how they found the trees. Oh, but don't get me wrong, he is very well traveled and lived in a few different parts of the country to pursue different dreams and curiosities, from flying planes and spearfishing to a logging business. He returned home after meeting the love of his life during a Winter off in Hawaii.


As much as Andrew has of a local boy, I have of a non-local gal. I was born and raised in Brazil, on a little island called Florianopolis. Portuguese is my first language and I will firmly stand behind that excuse whenever proper English grammar is missing. Snow, bears and drilling fishing holes on frozen bodies of fresh water were just reality in the cartoons I've watched as a child. I'd have wrinkled my 20 year old nose if you told me I'd marry a Minnesota man, swapped flops for snow boots and sun cap for a wool hat and learned how to saw, sand and hand plane, and sketch and design in Imperial System. Oh, and of course, casually say that 40 degrees (Fahrenheit, mind you) is rather "quite nice out". After receiving my Bachelors in Business, I moved to Grand Marais to commit to the Minnesota boy and Lake that stole her heart.


After over a decade of hard work, we finally get to enjoy our dream lifestyle. You may or not see us around the property during your stay, but if you do please feel free to say hi. We love meeting our guests and we couldn't be more proud of what we have created here. It is a gift to be able to share our little corner of the world with you and we hope you receive it with love and appreciation.

Thanks for stopping by!

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