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  • NO SHOES UPSTAIRS - please remove them at the bottom of the stairs.

  • NO SMOKING or Pets allowed: Any odor inside the Loft will result in a $500 fee. 

  • NO EVENTS allowed.

  • Charcoal grill must not be moved and never left unattended while in use.

  • SPEED LIMIT on the driveway is 10MPH. 

  • Our property has a septic system and well water. Please be very mindful of your water usage and do not throw anything in the toilet other than your business and toilet paper. Septic system damage will result in a $2,000 fee.

  • NO professional or third party photoshoots allowed unless permitted with written consent from host.



Before 10AM
  • Put all bedding (top sheets, fitted sheet and pillow covers), bath towels and kitchen towels in the laundry basket and leave it in the bedroom floor. The laundry basket is in the bathroom closet, next to the bathtub. 

  • Wash and put away dishes.

  • Log out of any personal credentials on the smart TV.

  • Dispose garbage and recycling in the appropriate bins in the back of the carport.

  • If you haven't yet, please click here to fill out the Minnesota Department of Health Form.


A handy little list to have handy.
  • Drinking water is the little faucet by the kitchen sink.

  • Dish soap is the little pump dispenser by the kitchen sink.

  • Please enter your username and password to access channels that require a TV subscription on the smart TV - and, don't forget to log out at Check-Out.​

  • Make sure to keep windows without screen shut in the Summer - Northwoods is well known for its bug season.​​​

  • Recycling bin is in the pantry cabinet.

  • There is a large garbage can and recycling bins in the back of the carport.


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