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Grand Marais, MN 55604

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North Shore


The nearest 'big city' is about a 100 mile drive of a beautifully winding road overlooking Lake Superior. The view and the curves (and, the deer) will make that hop from the city life to our little town last a truly enjoyable 2 hour drive. 

Once you arrive, we know that Grand Marais (and Cook County) will not disappoint. Event though it is rural and quite remote, the entertainment options are truly endless. 

The North Shore Visitor website is a wonderful resource to find all the possibilities in our area, but if you would like our personal taste on it, please read on!

Here is a - constantly changing - list of our favorite spots in the area ...

... to eat

Fantastic fish and chips (try fried herring and coleslaw). Or, grilled trout dinner with wild rice.... Yum!

Custard! Oh, custard. Go ready for a sweet bomb and try their turtle custard. And then, order your dinner: apple gorgonzola pizza (baked in a wood fired oven!). Sit in the amazing dinning room with the fireplace overlooking the lake, or go up above and listen to some live music. 

Take a drive to Naniboujou for the best breakfast ever. If you are around on a Sunday, drop in for their awesome brunch buffet. 

Think little bistro by the lake with the most fancy and delish food ever.

... to drink

Amazing Porter and Brown Ale and delicious little finger foods - specially on a Saturday afternoon in August sitting on the rooftop. 

... to hike

About 15 minutes drive from us.  

Moderate Intensity. 

Awesome view of Lake Superior when you get to the top. 

About 5 minutes drive from us.

Easy Intensity.

Nice and short in the woods hike.

About 15 minutes drive from us.

Moderate to Hard Intensity: Lots of stairs, awesome workout!

Super cool waterfall that falls into a hole and nobody knows where it goes!

(Apparently they did discovered that it goes back to Lake Superior but we still like to keep the mystery alive. By the way, if you go here, we highly recommend finishing it with lunch or just a visit to the Nanibijou Lodge a cross the highway from the park.)

About 25 minutes drive from us.

Easy to Moderate Intensity. 

A beautiful hike along the river with some sweet swimming holes.

45 minutes drive from us.

High intensity.

The Eagle Mountain is the highest point of Minnesota. Beautiful view of the Fall Colors.

f you are looking for a easy stroll while enjoying your coffee or a nice place to go for a jog, Croftville is just that. It is a paved road that follows the lake and it is only 1 mile from us. The entire road is 1.5 miles and it is very pretty. 

... to grocery shop