Agua Norte Cabin and property rules

You have read and agreed to all of the rules listed below prior to confirming your reservation at Agua Norte Cabin.

1. All guests must fill out a registry form upon check-in complying with MINNESOTA STATUTES 2018​ 327.10​. The information required is: Name and home​ address of the guest and every person with the guest; and if traveling by​ motor vehicle, the make of such vehicle, registration number, and other identifying letters or characters​ appearing on the official number plate carried thereon, including the name of the state issuing such official​ plate.


2. Please be extremely cautious when accessing the loft and while using it. The ladder is very steep and will require body awareness and caution. Sitting on the loft railing is absolutely not allowed. Please use ladder handrail.


3. Our driveway is very steep and it can be icy and slippery during cold months - which can be anytime from October through April. A 4/AWD vehicle is highly encouraged. In the event that you can't make it up the driveway, you are fully responsible to remove your vehicle and free up the driveway immediately.

4. Speed limit on our driveway is 5MPH. 


5. Please be mindful that we live full time at the property. Closeness to nature and solitude are a couple of the reasons why we chose to settle here and we will do our best to extend that to you during your visit; however, we do reserve the right to work, maintain and enjoy our home. We lead very busy lives, specially in the Summer, and we are in and out of our home often. Our home is located behind the cabin, on the North side. The cabin's view of the Lake and South facing deck are completely unobstructed and private. Please see photos for reference.


6. You may see us working the garden, mowing the lawn or working in the garage. Some of these will cause noise, such as woodworking tools or lawnmower.


7. There is an utility room and storage area in the crawlspace below the cabin that we may need to access at times. We do not need to enter the cabin if/when we need to access it.

8. We do reserve the right to enter the cabin if we ever find a reason to do so. (It has never happened and we hope it never will.)

9. The Northwoods is full of wildlife and bugs. Please be respectful of the animals you will see on our property. Spring and Summer are heavy bug season and you will have to deal with mosquitos, occasional spiders and cluster flies. We do what we can to minimize flies around the cabin during fly season, but some years are worse than others and they may come regardless of our efforts.


10. Our property has a septic system and well water. Please be very mindful of your water usage and do not throw anything in the toilet other than your business and toilet paper. ** Septic system damage will result in a $2,000 fee.**


11. Cabin is strictly a 'No Shoes' zone.

12. No Smoking or Pets: Any odor inside the cabin will result in a $500 fee.

13.. While in use, charcoal grill MUST be moved at least 6ft away from the cabin and never left unattended.


14.. Photoshoots are only permitted with written consent from host.

15. Agua Norte Cabin is NOT Suitable for children (2-12 years) or infants (under 2 years).

16. Events are NOT allowed.