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Agua Norte Sauna by Vic Campbell.jpg.jpg

The smell of cedar wood and eucalyptus essentail oils.
The glow and crackling sound of wood burning.
The view of Lake Superior.

Step into our sauna

Let the earthy aroma of cedar envelops you, instantly transporting you to a world of relaxation. The cedar-panel interior exudes a rustic charm, creating a cozy retreat. The wood stove crackles and sends waves of comforting heat throughout the room, making it the perfect place to unwind. Through the expansive windows, the stunning vistas of Lake Superior come to life, adding a touch of natural wonder to your sauna experience. Don't forget to enhance your journey with our complimentary essential oils, and when you're ready for a thrilling contrast, a refreshing cold plunge in Lake Superior awaits just down the road. This is not just a sauna; it's a sanctuary for your soul. Come and embrace the warmth and tranquility that Agua Norte has to offer.


Handbuilt, woodfired, Lake Superior facing

Nestled conveniently between our cabins and overlooking Lake Superior, our sauna offers the perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility. We have built more than just a sauna; it's an experience crafted for your unwind. 

At Agua Norte, your privacy and uninterrupted serenity matter most. Our sauna operates exclusively on a reservation-only basis, ensuring an undisturbed retreat. Each 4-hour session begins at 7AM, 1PM, and 6PM, offering ample time for you to prepare the sauna, reach your desired temperature — especially during chilly winters, where it might take up to 45 minutes and about 3 stokes — and fully relish the experience before concluding your session.

Below, you'll find our sauna rules, along with how to safely close the sauna after use. These guidelines aim to enhance your experience and ensure a safe, tranquil escape.

Hot Sauna
  • Use ONLY R.O. or drinking water on the stove/stones. 

  • Kindling is in the silver bucket next to the door and is for starting a fire only. Please do NOT stoke the fire with kindling.

  • The sauna is your responsibility once a fire is started. ​​

  • All users must shower before using sauna.​​

  • Use only designed sauna towels (waffle towels).

  • Place a towel on your bench and wear partial clothing or covering.​

  • Do NOT use sauna under the influence of alcohol or drugs.​

  • Do NOT drink, smoke or exercise in the sauna room.

  • Use the sauna at your own risk (read and agree to all items under Agua Norte's Rental Agreement)

Woman in a Sauna
  • Make sure the stove door is shut and secure (it is ok if the fire is still going)

  • Use any remaining water left in the buckets to rinse the bench.

  • Turn off lights and blow out candles.

  • Shut building door.

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