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Agua Norte Sauna

The smell of cedar wood and eucalyptus essentail oils. The glow and crackling sound of wood burning. The view of Lake Superior.


Agua Norte Sauna
  • Use ONLY R.O. or drinking water on the stove/stones. 

  • The sauna is your responsibility once a fire is started. ​​

  • All user must shower before using sauna.​​

  • Use only designed sauna towels (waffle towels).

  • Place a towel on your bench and wear partial clothing or covering.​

  • Do NOT use sauna under the influence of alcohol or drugs.​

  • Do NOT drink, smoke or exercise in the sauna room.

  • Use the sauna at your own risk (read and agree to all items under Agua Norte's Rental Agreement)

Agua Norte Sauna
  • Make sure the stove door is shut and secure (it is ok if the fire is still going)

  • Use any remaining water left in the buckets to rinse the bench.

  • Turn off lights and blow out candles.

  • Shut building door.

How to start a fire Agua Norte
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To protect your privacy and enjoyment, the sauna is by reservation only


Read ALL sauna rules BEFORE signing up for your session.



Pick a time slot.


Reservation can only be placed within 48 hours. Each time slot is 4 hours long and starts at 7AM, 1PM and 6PM


In the "Name" box, please add your Name and where you are staying (Cabin, Tranquilo or Loft)

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