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This is a simple and straightforward area that gives you tools to buy all of our favorite things. We love these items and either use them personally in our home or have them for our guests to use them in the cabin - or both.

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links which means that, at no extra cost to you, we may earn a small commission when you make a click on it and make a purchase.

Thank you if you do.

Simone and Andrew

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Before purchasing anything for our cabin we ask ourselves:

Will this item be:


Non Clutter-y

Have Max Utility - or, comfort, or efficiency

If it is a triple yes, then we move on to purchasing it!

Check out our list of natural, simple and great quality goodies:

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If you stayed with us you know which throw I am talking about: the warm, soft and large one draped over the couch (or sometimes the bed) that your eyes go to as soon as you enter the room. And, I am sure you snuggled in it to read a book or have a glass of wine. Next stop: get yourself one! 


I wouldn't call myself a interior designer, decorator or even wanna-be but, these beautiful pillows made our Loft go from 'meh' to 'WOW' in just a few second!


They are very well made, super cozy and oh, look so good! PLUS: They already come in trendy and beautiful colors and patterns!

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There are many talented artists on our neck of the woods, but if you say "local wildlife photography" my first thought is: Katie Mumm.

Did you know that Katie's art on our wall is for sale?

Just reach out and we will pack it for you so you can safely bring that beautiful print straight home!

Want to see other beautiful photos? Check out her website!

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